Resistance Training: Nutrient Timing in Terms of Protein Consumption

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Objectives: Nutrient timing is a topic of interest that has been discussed frequently in recent years. From a historical perspective, nutrient timing has often been interpreted as synonymous with carbohydrate intake. However, trying to understand the concept of nutrient timing under the title of carbohydrate loading will be quite inadequate. Today, advances in the sciences of nutrition and exercise offer valuable results, especially about the timing of nutrients before, during, and after training. Nutrient timing is commonly practiced by both coaches and athletes. Therefore, this paper will first present scientific information about the timing of protein consumption, especially for those involved in resistance training. In this context, the effects and possible mechanisms of protein consumption before, during, and after resistance training will be explained first. Besides, possible results will be shared about the types of protein that have been discussed frequently recently. Results: In conclusion, although nutrient timing is a controversial issue, it is essential for optimal training performance. Nutrient timing has the potential to influence physiological adaptations in terms of both total health and sporting performance. Consumption of protein and carbohydrates in combination before, during, and after training not only causes a decrease in protein degradation but also an increase in protein synthesis. Conclusion: Finally, nutrient timing has the potential to have a different effect on people who exercise regularly or on athletes. Therefore, individuals should try to determine the nutrient timing strategy that is optimal for them. However, further research is needed to better clarify nutrient timing.


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KAFKAS, A., & KAFKAS, M. (2019). Resistance Training: Nutrient Timing in Terms of Protein Consumption. Journal Of Athletic Performance And Nutrition, 6(2), 13-21. doi:10.31131/japn.v6i2.94
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