• The Journal of Athletic Performance and Nutrition (JAPN) focuses on sports physiology, performance, fitness, applied training and nutrition is devoted to proceeding the knowledge of sport and exercise physiologists, sports-performance researchers, nutrition researchers and other sports scientists. The journal’s mission is to publish authoritative research in sports physiology, performance, nutrition and regarding areas, with an emphasis on work having direct practical applications in enhancing sports performance in sports physiology, nutrition and regarding fields.All submitted papers are read by the editorial staff. To save time for authors and peer-reviewers, only those papers that seem most likely to meet our editorial criteria are sent for formal review. Those articles judged by the editors to be of insufficient general interest or otherwise inappropriate are rejected promptly without external review.Reviewer selection is critical to the publication process, and we base our choice on many factors, consist of expertise, reputation, specific recommendations.
  • Note: JAPN is included in the scope of the National article (b) on the list of new Associate Professor criteria.

Published: 2015-01-30